Infrastructure Systems & Materials

White Paper 


Thrust 4: Infrastructure Systems & Materials

Thrust Leaders: Assoc Prof Lu Guoxing
Asst Prof Yang En-Hua

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JTC Co-leaders: SnPrECS/ Ng Kian Wee
DPM/ Kenny Lim Sue Guan

Focus Area:
  • Vibration isolation systems
  • Green Infrastructure & practice
  • Smarter Construction methods
  • Advanced materials technologies
  • IT in infrastructure systems
  • One infrastructure multiple use

Being the main developer of Singapore’s industrial landscape, JTC has been planning and building infrastructure systems to support industrial development. To position Singapore as the choice location for investors, JTC would need to explore innovative ways to continuously improve our ability to provide better infrastructure systems and solutions to help our customers to stay efficient, competitive and meet the evolving industry needs and demands.

In this research thrust, we are looking into various aspects to improve existing and future infrastructure systems to support industrial development. We believe that one key success for future JTC project is the development of comprehensive set of customized infrastructure systems to support specific industry clusters. For example:

  • Vibration Isolation systems for precision engineering
  • Centralized waste treatment systems for surface finishing
  • Infrastructure systems to increase energy efficiency and water usage
  • Efficient material handling systems

In this research thrust, we are also looking into the areas of resource optimisation where less can be more through better design process and use of smarter materials, the incorporation of information technology to collect data and evaluation tools can be developed to help make more informed decisions and the adoption of more productive & cost effective construction methodology.

In our efforts to balance between sustainability and optimize land use in future high density development, we would like to explore means to develop infrastructure beyond its current single purpose. We believe that a single infrastructure can be design to meet multiple needs. We call this One Infrastructure Multiple Use.

Material plays an important role in all project life cycle, however, very often it is always taken for granted and not much thought is being given to it. JTC thus takes a step ahead, looks into innovative ways to improve on the basic material used through the technologies that we have now. Some of the technologies that JTC might be considering are self healing concrete and light weight high performance construction materials.