Request for Proposals 

The NTU-JTC I3C is soliciting project proposals that address the topics listed in the key research areas. Project categories are listed in the table below. This request for proposals closes on 10th January 2012. If you would like to submit an application, please go to Submission of Project Proposals.

Project Categories

  Project Category



 Funding Request

 ≤ $200,000

 > $200,000

 Project Duration

 ≤ 18 months

 ≤ 36 months

Estimated time lag between application and project commencement

3-6 months

 6-12 months

NTU-JTC I3C seeks project proposals from all Singapore-based companies including tertiary institutions, research institutions, public sector agencies, and private organisations. Foreign organisations which are keen to participate will be required to partner with a local organisation or set up a local arm for the project. It must use Singapore as a base to own, manage and exploit all intellectual property rights developed.

Key Research Areas

Thrust 1: Reclamation & Marine Infrastructure

  • Cement-Soil Mixing Phase 2: Post mortem investigation  
  • Treatment of contaminated marine sediments – Development of a mobile treatment facility
  • Empirical study of tidal backwater effects on drainage design at Jurong Island Ayer Chawan Basin

Thrust 2: Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Feasibility studies on vanadium-redox flow batteries for energy storage in buildings
  • Heavy metal removal/recovery from contaminated sediments using an integrated electrokinetic method 
  • Topic 3

Thrust 3: Underground Infrastructure

  • Shaft design optimisation
  • Societal and economical impact on the use of cavern space for large populations
  • Cavern layout optimisation for Jurong formation

Thrust 4: Infrastructure Systems & Materials

  • Use of precast concrete for 66kV substation to prevent against progressive collapse
  • Coal fly ash application in hot-mix asphalt
  • Use of precast rigid pavement for fast road construction