Thrust 1: Reclamation & Marine Infrastructure   
Project ID: I3C12101
Empirical Study of Tidal Backwater Effects on Drainage Design at Jurong Island Ayer Chawan Basin
Principal Investigator: Tan Soon Keat (Assoc Prof)
JTC Co-Principal Investigator: Zhang Weide
Status: On- Going
This study is to determine the capacity and flow in the relevant existing main channels, taking into account, the terrain, land use, rainfall, design flow rate of process water, channel configuration, tidal water level, and to establish an empirical relationship for realistic estimation of the service flow rate for these channels.

Through the established empirical relationship, this study seek to derive a permanent solution to address the tidal backwater issue for the drainage discharge along Pulau Merlimau.
Project ID: I3C12102
Water Quality Simulation Study for Selat Jurong Waterway, Temasek Fairway
Principal Investigator: Adrian Law (Assoc Prof) and Dr Ole Larsen (DHI)

JTC Co-Principal Investigator: Calvin Chung and Eunice Tan
Status: On- Going

Selat Jurong, situated at the north of Jurong Island, is a busy maritime channel with intensive waterfront usage from the maritime (jetties and docks etc) and petrochemical (water intakes and outfalls etc) industries. With the current industrial bloom and planned developments along Temasek Fairway, the maritime usage at these areas is almost likely to be further intensified. While economic developments are necessary, there is a need to continuously ensure that the water quality (including thermal) remains at an acceptable level at these areas. To do this without impeding the growth and development at these areas would be of multi-faceted challenges. Therefore, innovative solutions have to be employed to achieve this objective. The current study represents the initial effort towards this direction, by compiling the existing relevant data as well as examining and performing water quality simulations using the existing conditions of the waterways. The current study will also include the examination of two hard scenarios of modifications: (a) the change in the flow condition at the Jurong Island Highway, and (b) the change in the flow condition if a major thermal discharge near the area can be reduced or removed.