NTU-JTC I3C Request for Proposals

NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I3C) Request for Proposals 

Thank you for your interest in the 2014 NTU-JTC I3C Request for Proposals (RFP). The 2014 RFP is now closed. For enquires, you may send an email to I3CProjects@ntu.edu.sg.

1. Introduction
2. Objective and Scope of this Request for Proposals
3. Grant
4. Eligibility
5. Selection Process and Award
1. Introduction
The NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I3C) exemplifies JTC’s commitment in the sustainability of Singapore’s development and is aligned with NTU’s strategic goal to achieve excellence in sustainability research.
With the objective of promoting growth and development of economically viable and sustainable industrial infrastructure solutions in Singapore, the NTU-JTC I3C aims to expand Singapore’s research and development scope in diverse fields such as land reclamation and specialised marine infrastructure, energy and water recycling, underground infrastructure design and construction, and novel construction methods and systems.
2. Objective and Scope of this Request for Proposals
The NTU-JTC I3C announces a call for innovative research proposals that addresses the following research themes.
Thrust 1: Reclamation & Marine Infrastructure
Improving productivity for laying geofabric and placing stones for shore protection
Light weight and durable materials for floating structures
Robust and durable structural connectivity between multiple large floating structures
Robust anchoring systems for large floating structures
Alternative shore protection/land reclamation materials and construction methods for land reclamation
New methods and systems to monitor and control siltation and pollution resulting from dredging and reclamation
Study on the short and long term impacts of using carbonated sand (sand with high CaCO3 content) as fill materials

Thrust 2: Sustainable Infrastructure
Lighting technologies for buildings to enhance energy efficiency and improve visual health of occupants
Optimise roof space utilisation for solar photovoltaic deployment
Optimise cluster of buildings cooling to improve chilled water plant efficiency
Disruptive air conditioning technology for buildings
Disruptive energy storage system for buildings
Hybrid AC and DC power grid

Thrust 3: Underground Infrastructure
New geophysical surveying technologies without employing explosives
Pre/post grouting to control water ingress in rock caverns/tunnels
Long term stability monitoring and behaviour of rock caverns/tunnels
Ventilation design for rock caverns/tunnels construction
Rock cavern rock support design for Singapore’s geological conditions
Underground cavern water control

Thrust 4: Infrastructure Systems & Materials
Steel/concrete composite structures to improve construction productivity
High performance and cost effective insulation material for temperatures below 4 °C
Use of robotic technology to improve construction productivity
Advanced and Innovative materials that improve productivity for infrastructure and building works

Proposals that do not address the research themes but are of interest to NTU-JTC I3C will also be accepted.
3. Grant
The requested funding is recommended to be S$150,000 with a maximum of S$200,000. The duration of each project is recommended to be 12 months with a maximum of 24 months. (Track A)
However, if the scope of the project is aligned with the requirements of a PhD, requested funding may be up to a maximum of S$300,000 and project duration may be up to a maximum of 4 years. (Track B)
Overhead costs of 20% are to be included in the budgetary estimate for the entire project.
Ongoing I3C projects could be expanded and resubmitted as Track A or B projects.
4. Eligibility
4.1 Principal Investigators from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and all research centres / institutes within NTU are eligible to apply. Other organisations which are keen to participate will be required to partner with a Principal Investigator from NTU.
5. Selection Process and Award
Interested applicants need to submit an Application Form describing their research project, project scope and key deliverables.
The Application Form can be downloaded from the NTU-JTC I3C website. (link)
Completed application forms are to be sent via email to I3CProjects@ntu.edu.sg by 21st April 2014.
Application Forms received will be reviewed by respective NTU-JTC I3C Thrust Leaders. (link)
Shortlisted projects will be asked to develop into full Project Proposals.
NTU-JTC I3C anticipates that invitations to submit full Project Proposals would be issued by 30th April 2014. Applicants would be given 3 weeks to submit the full Project Proposals.
While NTU-JTC I3C seeks to enhance sustainability on various fronts, it will be beneficial for the research proposal to be able to articulate and explain how the project would enhance construction productivity, where relevant.
Proposals would be evaluated according to, but not limited to, the following criteria:
Degree of innovation
Technical viability of proposal
Project Management
Benefits & Impacts
Competency of the research group
Awarding of projects is estimated to be in July 2014.
Queries may be directed to: I3CProjects@ntu.edu.sg