About the speakers 

Mr Anders Beitnes is an experienced engineer/researcher in the field of civil engineering, in particular in rock engineering. He has more than 40 years experience working on consultancy and research. He is well known in Norway for his creative and innovative ideas in solving critical and difficult engineering problems. He was the president of the Norwegian Rock Mechanics Society, Research Director and leader of two divisions (Rock and Soil Mechanics and Coastal and Harbour) in SINTEF, which is one of the largest research organizations in Europe.


Mr Knut Finn Garshol has 40 years of highly varied experience in rock engineering from both mining and civil construction tunneling. Rock mechanics, rock support, shotcrete, Design & Build and ground water control by grouting are his specialities. He is currently working for AECOM on the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A project in Hong Kong as a Senior Resident Engineer Grouting.


Mr Melvin Ng is a Project Manager working for JTC Corporation.  He has been involved in the planning, design and implementation of projects undertaken by JTC. He has over 15 years of construction experience with more than 10 years focused on major underground rock cavern projects in Singapore. These projects involve rock engineering design and construction and include the Underground Ammunitions Facility (UAF) and the Jurong Rock Caverns (JRC).


Dr Zhang Xiaoping is a Research Fellow at NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre, NTU. He joined NTU after receiving his PhD degree in Engineering Geology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010. He has been involved in many projects including construction of underground hydropower station, underground railway/highway tunnel as well as reinforcement of ancient caverns. His current research is on shaft design optimization.


Er Chandrasegaran is a registered PE in Singapore and PE (Geo) in Singapore and Malaysia. He has more than 24 years of design and construction experience, in the role of consulting engineer as well as a specialist subcontractor, in major building developments and underground infrastructure in the region. He is currently the Regional Design Manager with Bachy Soletanche Singapore Pte Ltd covering the region that includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Australia. His major areas of expertise is in deep excavation, deep foundations and ground improvement.