Visit to Hyundai Engineering & Construction Headquarters and R&D Division 

The NTU-JTC I3C organised a trip to the Hyundai Engineering & Construction (E&C) Headquarters and R&D Division in Seoul from 1st to 3rd August 2013. Prof Soh Chee Kiong, Prof Lu Ming, Prof Wang Jing-Yuan and Ms Dawn Pang visited Hyundai E&C and explored possible avenues for research collaboration.

Day 1 (2nd August 2013):

During the visit to the Hyundai E&C Headquarters, Hyundai E&C presented their completed and current projects, both in Korea and overseas, to showcase their wide range of expertise. The NTU team asked questions to obtain a better understanding of some projects and its relevance to Singapore.

Photo taken at Hyundai E&C headquarters. From left to right: Prof Wang Jing-Yuan, Ms Dawn Pang, Dr Kim Jung Chul (Senior Vice President), Prof Soh Chee Kiong, Prof Lu Ming, Mr Kim Jong-Hun (Senior Vice President), Dr Lee Seokhong (Director, R&D Centre) and Dr Lee Hong Sung (Underground Space Team).

During the visit to the Hyundai E&C R&D Division, Prof Soh introduced NTU and CEE, in particular programmes and courses offered by CEE. Prof Soh also introduced the research centres currently hosted in CEE, NEWRI and a potential Institute for Usable Space. This was followed by various presentations by Hyundai introducing the R&D Division. All the presentations touched on possible areas for research collaboration. Following discussions on possible avenues and areas for research collaboration, the NTU team visited the research facilities in the R&D Division and were given short demonstrations of certain in-house technologies.

Day 2 (3rd August 2013):

The NTU team visited the Boryeong Subsea Tunnel site and the Janghang contaminated soil remediation site.

The Boryeong Subsea Tunnel is part of the road connecting Boryeong to Taean which consists of an 8km long tunnel and a 6km long offshore bridge. When completed, the Boryeong Subsea Tunnel would be Korea’s first operational subsea tunnel. The NTU team visited the site office and Dr Lee Hong Sung (Underground Space Team) presented the overview, design and technical details of the project. The team then visited the exhibition centre of the Boryeong Subsea Tunnel, also known as Viva Aquaway.

The Janghang contaminated soil remediation site treats soil that has been contaminated by a nearby smeltery. The main containment is arsenic but other heavy metals are also present. The NTU team visited the pilot plant and was shown a demonstration of both the wet and dry soil washing facilities.

After returning to Singapore, Prof Soh invited the Hyundai E&C team to NTU to conduct further discussions on setting up a Hyundai E&C R&D branch office in NTU. Dr Kim Jung Chul and Dr Lee Seokhong would be visiting NTU on 11th October 2013.

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