Our Team

    Our Team 
    NTU Steering Committee

    Prof Chen Tsuhan
    NTU-JTC Steering Committee

    Email: tsuhan[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6592 1636
    Office: Blk N1.3-B1-08
    JTC Steering Committee

    Mr David Tan
    NTU-JTC Steering Committee

    Email: David_TAN[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3011

    NTU Interim Co-Director

    Prof. Chu Jian
    NTU-JTC Interim Co-Director

    Email: cjchu[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 4563

    NTU Thrust Leaders

    Reclamation & Marine Infrastructure
    Assoc Prof Goh Teck Chee, Anthony

    Email: CTCGOH[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 5271
    Office: N1-01b-41

    Sustainable Infrastructure
    Assoc Prof Yang Yaowen
    Associate Chair (Academic),
    Deputy Director Protective Technology Research Centre (PTRC)

    Email: yyw[at]pmail.ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 5279P / 4057
    Office: N1-01a-02 / N1-01c-85
    Assistant Prof Yi Yaolin

    Email: yiyaolin[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 6309
    Office: N1-01c-94

    Underground Infrastructure
    Assoc Prof Zhao Zhiye
    Assistant Chair (Graduate Studies),
    Director, Nanyang Centre for Underground Space (NCUS)

    Email: CZZHAO[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 5255
    Office: N1-01b-54
    Assistant Prof Wu Wei

    Email: wu.wei[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 5290
    Office: N1-01c-84

    Infrastructure System & Materials
    Prof Chen I-Ming

    Director, Intelligent Systems Centre
    Robotics & Design Cluster
    School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    College of Engineering

    Email: MICHEN[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 6203
    Office: N3.2-02-23
    Asst Prof Yang En-Hua

    Email: EHYANG[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6790 5291
    Office: N1-01b-56

    I3C Office

    Ms Lu Ping
    Centre Manager

    Email: LuPing[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6592 7957
    Office: N1-B1c-22
    Ms Tham Li Yu

    Email: thamly[at]ntu.edu.sg
    Phone: +65 6592 7956
    Office: N1-B1c-22

    JTC Co-Director

    Koh Chwee
    NTU-JTC Co-Director

    Email: KOH_Chwee[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3380

    JTC Thrust Leaders

    Reclamation and Marine Infrastructure
    Lam Kok Pang
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: LAM_Kok_Pang[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3823
    Kwan Kin Heng
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: KWAN_Kin_Heng[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3820

    Sustainable Infrastructure
    Ng Kian Wee
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: NG_Kian_Wee[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3824
    Rao Yimin
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: RAO_yimin[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: -

    Underground Infrastructure
    Chong Pui Chih
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: CHONG_Pui_Chih[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6885 5145
    Ng Kai Ying
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: NG_Kai_Ying[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: -

    Infrastructure System and Materials
    Ng Kian Wee
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: NG_Kian_Wee[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3824
    Kenny Lim Sue Guan
    JTC Co-Leader

    Email: Kenny_LIM[at]jtc.gov.sg
    Phone: +65 6883 3668